Grudge, Inc.’s “South Invades The North” Grudge Race Event

In what was one of the biggest underground racing events of the year, the Grudge, Inc. “South Invades The North” event was one racing event the should not have been missed by ANYONE!!! From my personal experience, this may have been the largest turnout for a racing event not ran by a mainstream racing sanction of any kind, and not all racers were able to get a race in due to a near capacity crowd at No Limit Raceway in Morocco, IN.

For those unfamiliar with Grudge Incorporated, this is an underground racing sanction in which their sole purpose is to conduct grudge racing in a controlled & safe atmosphere… In other words, Grudge, Inc. has brought street racing to the track. With big money wagers, war of words, & then some, Grudge, Inc. definitely delivers an experience any race fan can enjoy. Yesterday’s race event, which was hosted by Grudge, Inc.’s Chicagoland region, brought the superstars from Grudge, Inc.’s Southeast region & racers from Michigan in a battle for street racing supremacy.

One of the south’s racing superstars, Tony Bynes & Primetime Racing, helped the southern racers solidify their case for being the best pound-for-pound racers. However, in the main event(which occurred well after the event was over), Bynes & his Chevy Malibu(Gangsta Bu) lost to a Fox-body Mustang racer from the Chicago area who happened to win the 2012 King Of The Streets event just weeks ago. The victory for the north, which had an $18,000 pot, made for the most important victory of the day.

To find out more information regarding future Grudge, Inc. events, log onto their site & join in on the message board…


Spotlight: Grudge,Inc. Talk Radio Show

As we’ve stated  in previous posts, the Octane Lyfestyle Motoring Association has teamed up with underground racing sanction Grudge Incorporated, and we are set to cover their highly-anticipated racing event this weekend. To get an idea of the type of atmosphere that’s presented by Grudge, Inc., here’s a sound clip from their internet radio show from this past Sunday in preparation for this week’s event.–michigan

Porsche 911 With A LS7 V8 Engine Swap

The General Motors LS-Series small block engines have been a favorite of many enthusiasts & racers ever since their introduction back in the late ’90s. Over time, we have witnessed some remarkable vehicles who’ve swapped in a LS motor to their beloved prized possession, and it looks like the creativity is now being taken to new heights. This perfect example of a Porsche 911 sports a modified LS7 V8 from a Corvette Z06 that puts out over 650 hp through the stock Porsche exhaust setup. Unfortunately, there’s no footage of the car in action, but this short clip displays the setup & how this Porsche still sounds close to a Porsche… Even with a Corvette powerplant…

Source: LSX TV