Lamborghini Aventador Adds Cylinder Deactivation & Start/Stop Function

While Ferrari holds claim to the fastest Italian-made supercoupe with the F12 Berlinetta, rival company Lamborghini has made a few adjustments to its top coupe, the Aventador LP700-4. The Aventador adds cylinder deactivation & a Start/Stop system that acts similar to hybrid systems when the vehicle is stattionary.

The cylinder deactivation gives the Aventador the ability to operate as an inline-6 under normal driving conditions to save fuel consumption(much like other vehicles equipped with similar functions), while the Start/Stop system uses high-performance capacitors called “supercaps” to reserve & recharge power while stopped at a stop light. Both features now offered in the Aventador from Lamborghini are industry-firsts for high-performance supercars. Something tells me that Bugatti may follow suit when they introduce their next vehicle…

Source: DUB Daily


Chrysler Preparing For 2015 SRT Barracuda?

After months of much speculation, there’s finally some form of proof that the Dodge Challenger will be replaced by what will be known as the 2015 SRT Barracuda, which will be the performance brand’s second coupe behind the Viper. In an effort to sell a pony car overseas, Chrysler & SRT are looking for a smaller & sleeker coupe to appeal to foreign customers, as the current Challenger would cause concern as it is based on the sedan chassis of the Dodge Charger & Chrysler 300(the size of the coupe is too large to compete with rival sports coupes abroad).

With the assistance of partnering company Fiat, the SRT Barracuda would compare in size to the Ford Mustang, with a weight loss of around 250-300 lbs & improvements to the front & rear suspension. And while there are plans to include a four-cylinder engine to the engine lineup, SRT has not indicated if both HEMI engines will be available for the new ‘Cuda. I’m sure more news regarding the Barracuda will begin to surface as time passes, but at least we finally have proof that Chrysler is indeed preparing for the new coupe…

Source: Car and Driver

McLaren To Unveil A Special Edition MP4-12C At Formula 1 Race In Singapore

If you’re a fan of high-powered supercars & Formula 1 racing, then McLaren has a special treat in store for you. During this weekend’s Singapore Grand Prix, McLaren is set to unveil a special edition MP4-12C coupe called the “Fire Black Singapore Edition.” The vehicle’s paint scheme was inspired by McLaren’s Formula 1 race vehicles, with swooping Rocket Red and Silver accents on a Fire Black body. The Fire Black Singapore Edition also sports unique front and rear bumpers to differentiate itself from the standard MP4-12C coupes.

For the interior, the same black & red color pattern flows with the cockpit, with Alcantara -covered seats and steering wheel. Also, the interior gets the touch of specialized “Singapore Edition” badges, to let others know that this is in fact a special edition McLaren. While we all may be salivating at the mouth over this special edition McLaren coupe, the bad news is that the automaker only made three models, in which two are already spoken for. With that said, if you’d like to claim the final model available, first you’d need to find a way to Singapore and be ready to cough up $1.04 million…


Source: Motor Trend