Chevy Camaro Hot Wheels Edition

Chevrolet & Hot Wheels are at it again some 40 years later with their special edition Camaro package. The first Hot Wheels Camaro debuted back in 1968 in both toy & real-life version, now Chevy & the toy car giant from Mattel are back to offer the Hot Wheels edition Camaro for 2013 as a limited-run special edition package.

For an additional $7,000, you can upgrade your V6 or V8 Camaro with the Hot Wheels cosmetic package, which includes many body panel components from the mighty Camaro ZL1 with 21-inch custom Hot Wheels wheels with red stripes. The interior receives bespoke leather with flames & Hot Wheels logos throughout the cockpit & the exterior.


Source: Car and Driver


EA Games Campaigns “Prop 130”

With the release of EA Games’ Need for Speed: Most Wanted coming at midnight, the video game company has unveiled another great idea for us “lead-foot” enthusiasts. While this is merely just an idea being a part of the video game release, it does catch our attention enough to begin taking this idea, Prop 130, into serious consideration. If you take a look at the image below, it gives a suggestion to how the America economy “could” benefit from raising the speed limit.

Please do not take this proposition too literally, because we all know that a 130 mph speed limit is well beyond a reach… Or is it? In certain parts of Texas, some highways already have an 80 mph speed limit. In the Detroit Metro area, the speed limit on the freeways outside the city limits are 70 mph, as well as many other states having 75 mph speed limits on highways. I guess what we’re trying to hint at is, what if we could implement our own Autobahn? Or, what about even making the far lane the actual designated “fast lane?” I’m just throwing out suggestions, but EA Games has definitely beaten us to the punch with this proposition…


Source: Motor Authority

Spotlight: SEMA Action Network

We thank all of you for being avid followers & supporters of the Octane Lyfestyle Motoring Association as we prepare to spark a new movement within the auto performance enthusiast realm. However, without the inspiration from preceding organizations and racing sanctions, the idea of launching the OLMA would not have been possible. Today, we would like to put the spotlight on one of the largest automotive enthusiast organizations in the country, the SEMA Action Network(SEMA SAN).

For many years, SEMA SAN has worked diligently with leaders in legislation to come to mutual agreements with providing a fair stage for fellow auto enthusiasts such as ourselves to exhibit our love for our vehicles. As supporters of the Octane Lyfestyle Motoring Association, we would like to invite you all to check out the SEMA Action Network & become a supporting member. To read more about SEMA SAN, check out their website & you can also read the latest publication from their Driving Force newsletter