Buick To Bring Back The T-Type, Grand National, & GNX

The following news is EXACTLY what the doctor ordered: The Buick Grand National is finally returning to the brand’s vehicle lineup, along with the T-Type and range-topping GNX. In recent weeks, General Motors trademarked the names of the three models, so this leads us to believe that the relaunch of the vehicles aren’t very far ahead.

According to rumors, the T-Type, GN, & GNX will be based on the Alpha rear-wheel drive platform(similar to the Cadillac ATS), though we’re not exactly sure if the new models will come as a coupe or sedan. What we do know, is the T-Type and Grand National will be powered by a twin-turbo V6 producing near 400 hp, while the GNX will receive the new Gen-V LT1 V8 that will produce power in the neighborhood between 450-480 hp. While we’re assuming all three models will receive at least a 6-speed  automatic transmission, there’s no word if we will also see a manual or dual-clutch option as well.

Judging from the performance of their predecessors, the new-school versions of the Buick T-Type, Grand National, & GNX should deliver the same exciting experience as we once enjoyed back in the mid-80’s. As far as a possible release date, we could only throw around an estimated guess of sometime between 2014 & 2015. This move would also add a much-needed jolt to GM’s lineup of performance vehicles now that Pontiac is a distant memory. Two words: Can’t wait!!!

Source: LSX TV



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