Fast & Furious Tokyo Drift: Outtakes

Check out this great MSN video – Street drifting crash caught on video.

Although we’re poking fun at the famed Fast & Furious franchise with the title of this post, we are not making a light story out of this video. The dangers of performing high-performance stunts on public roads are increasing by the day, and the majority of drivers involved in car collision resulting from street racing are not properly experienced when it comes to letting their high-powered vehicles loose on the streets. This video is more evidence that states that amateur racing associations need to implemented in safe, closed-circuit environments, so that the “Average Joe” can also enjoy the exhilerating rush of pushing their sports cars to the limit. Hence why the Octane Lyfestyle Motoring Association is in the process of providing an avenue for guys who want to have fun with their cars, but on a more controlled environment away from innocent drivers. Stay tuned as we prepare for an exciting 2013 season…


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