VP Racing Fuels Releases New VP101 & VP102 Street Legal Unleaded Fuels

For our fellow enthusiasts looking for optimum performance in their street machine but are not satisfied by the efficiency of 91 & 93 octane fuel, VP Racing Fuels has the solution for you. The high performance fuel brand has recently announced that they are set to release two new street-legal unleaded fuels, VP101 & VP102, that will meet both Arizona and California Air Resource Board (CARB) requirements… In other words, both fuels are 50-state street legal for your favorite rod, muscle car, import, or exotic sports car. VP101 will replace the famous VP100/StreetBlaze 100 formula, and VP assures users that the VP101 blend will do more than wow users with its performance gains. VP102 will be available on a more special order basis, while the VP101 blend will be availble at your local gas station or anywhere VP Racing Fuels are sold.

Since there are more than 200 current vehicle models that require a minimum of 93 octane when a good portion of the U.S. only provides 91 octane as their premium blend, the VP fuels will accommodate those wishing to squeeze the most out of their street legal beast without violating the law. Both VP101 & VP102 are safe for catalytic converters and oxygen sensors, so there are no issues using these fuels full time. Both fuels also support forced induction applications (nitrous, supercharger, turbocharger), while also supporting cast-iron cylinder heads with compression ratios up to 12:1 & aluminum heads up to 14:1. For information on both fuel blends, visit VP Racing Fuels’ page

Source: LSX TV


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