Our Mission

The Octane Lyfestyle Motoring Association will officially launch this spring, with our first event coming late spring/early summer. Our primary mission to provide a stage for auto performance enthusiasts to enjoy their vehicles while staying within the limits of traffic laws.

As we are in the process of building the organization, we’re seking those who believe in our cause and are willing to help us achieve our goals. While the main objective is providing a legal alternative to street racing, we also stress the importance of education and community first. We also look to host fundraising events and neighborhood car shows to spread the word of our organization.

More information will become available as we approach our launch date.

While doing research on statistics on illegal street racing, I’ve come across a number of different sites that show some very interesting data being collected from a number of sources in regards to street racing.

Here’s a link to one particular blog that gives insight to why illegal street racing has been on the rise in recent years: http://cwanamaker.hubpages.com/hub/Illegal-Street-Racing

This is why we look to find safer alternatives to illegal street racing, and educating future enthusiasts about performance & racing, and how dangerous these two aspects of automobiles are.


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